How to submit any announcement

A birth, engagement, graduation, anniversary, military service, mission call are some of many reasons to celebrate life. We want to help share your good news with everyone in the community. The Smithfield Sun publishes announcements of life’s milestones as a free public service. Simply send us an email to with your information and photographs. Here are a few tips to help submit your announcement.

Basic information

At the very least we need the name, email address and phone number of the person submitting the information. Sometimes we have questions or need to confirm certain information. If we cannot reach you, we cannot print the story.

We include a list of announcement types and tips below but this is not meant to exclude other types of announcements. If there is a major milestone in your life, please submit it to us.


We are not limited in space like a printed newspaper. If you have a story to tell, then tell it. Don’t just announce the mission call or the upcoming wedding, include details. For a newly engaged couple, maybe a story of how they met. For a 50th anniversary, a favorite experience of their life together.


Send a lot of pictures. We can publish several or even a dozen. Please identify one picture as the “key” photograph to use in the index for the story.

When submitting photographs please remember to:

  1. use large photographs (up to 6 MB per image)
  2. send each photograph as a separate email
  3. help us by putting a similar subject in each email, maybe with a different photograph number
  4. include in the email body a short title and a caption that should accompany the photograph



  • Lots of pictures
  • Boy or girl
  • Full name
  • Length and weight
  • Date and time of birth
  • Where the baby was born
  • Name of hospital
  • Names of parents, grandparents, siblings, pets
  • Unique stories about the baby and the baby’s birth


  • Picture of student
  • Pictures of student’s school life
  • Name of student
  • Name of school
  • Date of gradation
  • Degree earned (High School, Bachelors, Masters)
  • Degree emphasis (Bachelors of Science in Mathematics)
  • Stories of their life in school
  • Future plans


  • Pictures of the couple
  • Name of bride and groom
  • Date of wedding
  • Place of wedding
  • Names of parents
  • Reception information (if public)
  • Stories of their engagement, meeting, etc.


  • We emphasize 5-year divisible anniversaries (5, 10, 25, 50, 60, etc.)
  • Lots of pictures of the couple from early marriage to now
  • Their wedding details
  • Names of children
  • Numbers of grandchildren (and great-grandchildren)
  • Stories of their life
  • Details of any celebrations scheduled

Military Service

We wish to honor all military service to the best of our ability. These announcements are not just for those entering the service. We also want to hear from those returning from active duty as well as well as announcements regarding veteran activities in the community.

  • Pictures of person in uniform
  • Branch of service
  • Date of induction
  • Service grade
  • Where they will (or did) serve
  • What they will be (or were) doing
  • Stories of their life in the military so far
  • Details of any scheduled celebrations


Mission announcements are for both called and returning missionaries.

  • Pictures of the missionary (and pictures of their mission if applicable)
  • Name of the missionary
  • Name of the mission
  • Date of service
  • Stories of receiving their call
  • Or stories of their mission
  • Open house receptions (if applicable)


Please read: How to submit an obituary

A little fine print

All submissions grant Neotribune, Inc. (publisher of the Smithfield Sun) a license to publish the text and photographs. All published items are available to the public at large and not limited to any geographical area. We reserve the right to reject any announcement for any reason. We may not use every submitted photograph. We may also edit the text for length, errors, or clarity.